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Personalized service for you and employees plus improved benefits at a lower cost equals:
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You'll feel like you've expanded your HR Department!
The right broker does make the difference!
HR Managers wear many hats, but none more important (or noticeable) than controlling compensation and managing benefits.

Working with a broker that has the expertise and experience to help you manage the day to day questions and administrative duties of the HR department is essential to making your job easier. We work with and for you to instill confidence in your employees that that benefit needs are met because employees that are confident in their benefit plan make better workers.
New England Medical Insurance Agency not only provides the best options available but also provides you with a staff of professional benefits people with years of experience and connections at the highest levels of the insurance companies so that employees' problems are handled quickly and efficiently. We get the job done!
New England Medical Insurance Agency Client Success Stories

Case Study One

For a client with 47 employees in New Hampshire, the owner had made the decision to change both the medical and ancillary carriers to reduce the impact of their renewal. The HR Manager had never done a full carrier change and was overwhelmed with the amount of work she was facing to get all the employees changed over by the first of the month.
Her dedicated Service Team at New England Medical Insurance stepped in to help create a timeline for the process. The timeline included enrollment packets for each employee, plan summaries and enrollment forms. New England Medical coordinated and directed the enrollment meeting with the employees, notified the COBRA employees of the changes, prepared and collected all the necessary paperwork.
The HR Manager was able to enroll all the employees online through New England Medical's dedicated web resources and employees had their ID numbers before the first of the month.
Bottom Line:
The HR Manager was able to show the owner and the employees that she was on top of the process and that everyone was enrolled on a timely basis. Our job as your broker is to instill confidence in your employees that their benefits are secure and to make your job easier!

Case Study Two

New England Medical received a call from an HR Manager of a 78 employee firm with questions pertaining to an employee who was going out on non-workers comp disability. She wanted to know how long the company was required to keep the employee on the benefits and what rights the employee had under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
She was immediately connected with New England Medical's HR consultants. The consultant advised her with concise information on the scope of the law, and reviewed termination options and requirements to protect the company yet provide the employee with all the benefits he was entitled to.
Bottom Line:
By ensuring complete compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act, New England Medical was able to protect the client from potentially expensive legal action.
Frequently asked questions...

1. Employees inevitably have difficulty using their insurance plans. How can New England Medical Insurance Agency help?

Answer: Our exclusive Tele-Benefits Department provides every employee with the name and number of the person in our office responsible for advocating for your employees and helping them understand how to use their benefits. They are well educated and well connected with the highest levels at the insurance companies to help get answers quickly and resolve issues efficiently. New England Medical saves you time and headaches by handling all of your benefits related questions and issues.

2. What if I only need help with some benefits / HR tasks?

Answer: We're here to help you with as much or as little as you need. Every company is different, and our services are available a la carte. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

3. How will New England Medical help me with new hires and retention?

Answer: The performance of HR is pivotal to the success of the enterprise. Our employee education module articulates the company's insurance benefits to employees with simple, easy-to-understand benefit summary handouts and sophisticated employee-friendly benefit websites along with in-person presentations.

4. Things are changing so fast. How can a broker help me stay up to date and informed?

Answer: You're right, things can change fast, and there's a lot to keep track of. New England Medical sends out our popular broadcast emails each month. This informative resource covers different topics related to legislation and changes within the insurance industry and how they affect benefits management from your perspective. Plus, we're always here to answer your questions in person!

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