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It's benefits management
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We're relentless pursuers of the highest quality benefit plans at the lowest cost. We offer creative funding options with the right contribution schedule to fit your budget.
That's benefits management made easy!
The right broker does make the difference!
As the financial manager of an organization, your top priority is to balance the financial needs of the enterprise with the business and employee needs.

Health Insurance and benefits costs are eating up more bottom line revenue than ever before. Having a broker with more than 27 years of experience minimizing the impact of benefit cost increases is essential to controlling costs.

New England Medical provides employers with concise plan design and funding options to assure financial mangers that business is spending its hard earned revenue as wisely as possible while meeting the needs of their employees.
New England Medical Insurance Agency Client Success Stories

Case Study One

A Route 128 based high-tech firm with 10 offices throughout the USA was struggling with rising costs for their 300+ employees. Their current broker had always showed options, but the client felt like more could be done to get rock bottom prices and better service. After meeting with several local and Boston based brokers, they selected New England Medical Insurance Agency based on our experience, references and reputation.
New England Medical took over the case in mid-renewal and with a tight deadline. Our team worked quickly to provide information to the carrier that was omitted by the current broker, resulting in a dramatic decrease in their renewal rate. New England Medical's in-depth knowledge of the renewal calculations (which are unique to each carrier) enabled us to provide the carrier with sound reasons to lower their renewal rates by 46% with no change in benefits.
The renewals in years 2 and 3 resulted in the same percentage savings from the original renewal rates released by the carrier. New England Medical provided the CFO and HR Manager with insight to the carrier's renewal process, educating them on how we deliver such consistent and significant savings.
Bottom Line:
New England Medical saved the company more than $450,000 in premium costs over just 3 years, with minimal impact on employee costs and no change in benefits.

Case Study Two

A 45 employee company based in Massachusetts had been using the same broker for their liability insurance and their benefits for 9 years. They thought that packaging it all with one broker was saving the organization money. When the company hired a new general manager who had worked with New England Medical in the past, they had just received their renewal options from their broker. They were facing some very large increases, and the new general manager asked us to take a look into their medical plan.
After asking many questions about the nature of their business, and the demographics of their employees, we were able to requote their group and provide much lower cost alternatives. They selected New England Medical as their new broker and moved to a new carrier resulting in a 5% savings compared with their current rate and more than 20% savings compared with their renewal rates from the previous carrier.
Bottom Line:
The employer saved more than $18,000 in premium costs, gained peace-of-mind that they were now on the right track with the right broker, and the employees now have a plan that better serves their needs.
Frequently asked questions...

1. What goes into a creative plan design process that can save our company money?

Answer: New England Medical specializes in formulating plans that combine the right contribution schedule, HRA's / HSA's / FSA's, multi-plan options and rate leveraging to meet the needs of your employees while simultaneously meeting the needs of your budget..

2. Can you help us get a better handle on Federal and State employee filing requirements?

Answer: Our experienced staff can completely manage or consult on your 5500 Schedule A preparations and COBRA administration. We can also help you comply with:

  • FMLA
  • HIRD
  • Medicare Part D

As a New England Medical Insurance client, you have a team of experienced professionals to turn to with questions at any time.

3. How can using a broker like New England Medical save more than just insurance costs?

Answer: Sure, we save our clients a lot of money by creating the right plan for their business, but we also make your HR resources more efficient and create a benefits package that helps with recruiting and improves employee retention rates.

4. Why is New England Medical uniquely positioned to help me prepare budgets for future years?

Answer: New England Medical is a member of most broker advisory boards of major carriers, National and State Health Underwriter Associations and the New England Benefits Council. We also follow and testify on legislation that affect our clients' insurance benefits and work with regulators who shape the laws that affect all of us. This translates into a well informed team of insurance professionals that can help clients see what's coming to help them prepare for the changes that will affect them.

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