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We need benefits
management made
I need people that understand
smart budgeting, strategic
planning & how to save our
company money.


I need benefits management
made easy.

Discover why having the right broker makes all the difference.
For more than 33 years, New England Medical has been providing employers with professional employee benefit broker services. We have assembled a talented staff of experienced insurance industry experts dedicated to eliminating the frustration of benefits management and reducing costs for each and every client.

The way we do business is the way we keep our customers. Each employer receives a client manager, in-house liaison and service representative. With New England Medical, there's always a real person here to help you!
Get Access to the HR Library Every Business Needs to Stay Compliant
The one online HR resource every business needs. Eliminate searching for compliance materials with a single comprehensive site. Our HR Library features thousands of pages of content, of forms, and posters its like having a mini-HR department at your fingertips.

Clients receive a monthly newsletter containing important HR updates.
Our professional team can help your company:
Take the burden out of benefit plan management.
Protect your company from unnecessary liability.
Comply with the letter and spirit of the law.
Ensure you always have the best pricing available.
Provide each employee with access to a representative.
What our customers say...

Trinity EMS

If we weren't working with New England Medical, I would have to expand our HR department by at least 2 or 3 more people.

- John Chemaly, President

Elbrys Networks

New England Medical's relationships with insurance carriers allows them to cut through the red tape and get detailed answers to our questions much faster than we would on our own.

- Helen Goransson, Founder


I've invited them into the office to address employee communication and during open enrollment. That's been very well received here. The employees enjoy having them come in, asking questions, and talking with the people directly responsible for pulling things together.

- Andrea Kelly, HR Manager
New England Medical Insurance Agency, LLC BBB Business Review